• European Context

    European Context

    In Western Europe, questions are raised about the Islamic and European identity and Muslims integrating into existing 'democratic' frameworks

  • Middle Eastern Context

    Middle Eastern Context

    The 'Arab Spring' ushered in widespread calls for democratic reform in the context of declining economies, rising unemployment and growing sectarian tensions

  • International Context

    International Context

    Internationally, there is a lack of significant transnational non-state 'Islamic' actors seeking to encourage increased democratisation

23 April, 2014
09:30 - 18:00
London Metropolitan University, GSB01 Goulston Street, Basement Lecture Theatre, 16 Goulston Street London E1 7TP

The Muslim World: Democracy Redefined?

Democracy is construed to be at odds with Islam and particularly the political Muslim world. This conference seeks to examine the space Islam creates for democracy and the definition of democracy within Islam. International, Middle Eastern and European notions of both Islam and democratic ideals have led to varying interpretations of political structures. This conference asks pertinent questions about the role democracy plays within a Muslim context.