23 April, 2014
09:30 - 18:00
London Metropolitan University, GSB01 Goulston Street, Basement Lecture Theatre, 16 Goulston Street London E1 7TP
Dr Sara Silvestri City University
Dr Sara Silvestri
City University

Sara Silvestri (M.Phil., Ph.D., Cantab) is an interdisciplinary social scientist interested in the role of faith in society and its implications for the governance of an increasingly diverse Europe. She is Senior Lecturer in Religion and International Politics at City University London and leads the Ethics and Public Policy research cluster at the Von Huegel Institute in Cambridge.

Sara's publications and research projects concern Muslim political mobilisation and institutions, Islamism, the debate on 'radical' versus 'moderate' Islam, immigration, and counter-terrorism. Dr Silvestri's latest projects are the book "Europe's Muslim women: Beyond the burqa controversy" (forthcoming) and a British Council sponsored series of initiatives comparing US and European approaches to religion in foreign policy. Sara regularly consults for governments and international organisations, having worked for the European Commission President's Cabinet, and directed European Policy Centre's 'Islam in Europe programme' in Brussels.