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23 April, 2014
09:30 - 18:00
London Metropolitan University, GSB01 Goulston Street, Basement Lecture Theatre, 16 Goulston Street London E1 7TP

Hijaz College is a unique global Islamic institution of Islamic Higher Education, offering the study of classical Islamic sciences both within the context of the modern Muslim world and the broader context of the advancement of secular education. Hijaz has shaped an environment conducive to free discussion, debate and intellectual inquiry. The Hijaz College approach is to cultivate insight into the wisdom, logic and rationale of revelation and offers a platform for the dynamic development of Islamic principles. Situated in the heart of the English countryside in Warwickshire, Hijaz campus has been a centre for academy to Muslim scholars educated Islamic leaders from a wide host of societies, including: the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, South America, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Oman, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand.

Hijaz College educates Muslims worldwide to acquire an exceptional level of Islamic education in a cogent and accessible format, within the context of and for contemporary society. With the teaching of Islamic theology proselytised by its adherents or criticised by sceptics, Islamic Divine Revelation requires a robust and rigorous study, with freethinking, without creating fear of heresy and apostasy. Hijaz College embraces this challenge and offers its students learning in an environment where nothing is so sacrosanct that it would be exempt from any question. Hijaz College reinvigorates the systematic and dynamic understanding of Islamic principles through the doctrine of Ijtihad and Qiyas, to ensure that the study of Islamic and Natural Sciences as synonymous and intrinsically interrelated with each other.